Tabletop displays often serve as workbenches by allowing users to interact with them using touch capability. PhoneCog is a device authentication method on interactive tabletops with minimalistic hardware settings by utilizing a color sequence pattern recognition technique for device identification. Users may place their smartphones on a surface, which authenticate and authorize the devices to access various services such as sharing images, and downloading apps. The method is built only with the tabletop displays and does not require any additional hardware such as a depth-camera. We also present an in-field case study where users utilized the device to share various contents among each other in various regions in China where the fast network connection is not readily available.


2013.10 "PhoneCog: A Device Authentication Method on Interactive Tabletops Using Color Sequence Pattern Recognition"
    by Gilbok LeeKyle Koh, Gyungbok Lee, Guntae Park
    Presented as Demo at ITS 2013, Oct 6-9 in St. Andrews, UK.
    Download Full PDF - Supplemental Video(YouTube Link) - Research Page@Here


PhoneCog was developed at HugeFlow (www.hugeflow.com) under a name "PhoneTouch". The name PhoneCog was chosen for this demo paper in order to avoid possible conflict with PhoneTouch presented by Dominik Schmidt at UIST 2010. I have collaborated with HugeFlow to help turn their work into something useful and noteworthy in academia. The implementation of PhoneCog is now patent pending.