Most smartphones support multi-tasking with several means to switch between apps (e.g., a “recent apps” button or a “back” button). However, switching between apps is cumbersome when one has to do it frequently—for example, when notifications keep interrupting one’s current task. We
introduce Peek-a-View, a fully transparent flipping screen cover that can reduce task switching overhead by providing an additional virtual screen space for subtasks. We assessed its feasibility in handling notifications. Upon receiving a notification, users can peek into the content of the
notification without actually switching apps by slightly lifting the cover. If necessary, users can completely flip the cover to switch to the app that fired the notification. Two user studies showed that flipping and peeking interaction provided improved performance and proved to be useful for
tasks that involve subtasks.


2016.05 "Peek-a-View: Smartphone Cover Interaction for Multi-tasking"
    by Koeun Choi, Hyunjoo SongKyle Koh, Jinwook Bok, Jinwook Seo
    Will be presented as Short Paper at CHI 2016, May 7-12, 2016 in San Jose, USA.
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